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Astrology with Morningstar…let's dream.

Let me guide you and plan your destiny!

Create the life you want and be happy!

Let me help you not make the same mistakes in a relationship and avoid life repeats by doing an in depth 1st reading…

Let me coach you into the right direction with Western Astrology,  
and Chinese Astrology

Life is about choices and  2017-2018 will be a year of lots of upheaval and more bizarre weather disasters…
-We have 4 Eclipses in 2017 -with 1 Virgo/Pisces still play out into MARCH 8,  2018 
Wake up people there was 4 Eclipses in 2017 - - -2 still play out into 2018  new ones will started February 10, 2017  Aquarius & Leo this brings in change, transformation, 
from within as well around the World.
Eclipses come along to help us get on our true soul’s paths and journeys over and over. 
*How to improve your  Health, Love, Money, Success, Better Career, Peace with Boss or better bosses/careers by traveling two days before your birthday and stay for possibly 3-4 days to make it happen.

A New Year is coming be sure to schedule your Solar Return Birthday Trip for 2017 & 2018!

To find out more about the importance of your Solar Return Birthday Trip and additional information, click on the link below!

2017 Planetary Motions- Retrogrades

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