Astrologer for Starseekers 

Astrologer for Starseekers

Meet Your Online & Over the Phone Psychic

Morningstar is also known as Starlady Astrologer.

Starlady-Morningstar also is a gifted psychic astrologer. Working with the dates and times of a client's complete birth information, Starlady can compile an astrological chart and provide a wealth of information for her client.  Starlady's main tool is the astrological chart but, because she is gifted, additional thoughts may pop into her head.   Starlady does consider herself gifted, intuitive & insightful because the additional information is not always available the astrology chart is still the tool of timing.  She feels like the knowledge comes in at the right time and goes out at the right time.  She prefers the term "gifted."

    Starlady or MorningStar has been working with astrology since she was 17 years old.  Her first teacher (Mary Ann Dennison) discovered that she was gifted.  Originally, Starlady wrote all the astrological charts by hand but now they can be generated by a computer but she still hand writes all over the charts, just as Mary Ann Dennison taught her.

    Before meeting with clients, Starlady has them fill out a form which asks about their birth date and time, and the birth dates and times of the people who are related to them. (this form is on the website under tab rates and services.)

Appointments are scheduled.  Starlady runs their charts and asks if there is anything which they want to talk about now.  She records the sessions. 

    She asks clients if they want to hear everything she has to say, good and bad.  Most people ask about their life purpose, career and health.  Starlady has a gift for helping people understand their health.  She is here to help people heal.  Starlady's first session with a client takes two hours and twenty minutes.

    While working, the image of a man often comes through Starlady's walls.  Originally, she could see him, but she didn't know who he was.  At one point, she went to a conference and a woman handed her a piece of paper with his image on it and said, "I am supposed to give this to you to let you know that he works through you."  Starlady discovered that his name is Djwal Khul, and that he is a Buddhist who lived thousands of years ago.  Djwal Khul, an Ascended Master, provides information beyond the astrological charts.

    According to Starlady, astrology provides all of the technical answers for her clients.  She looks at the technical charts and then paints a picture.  If she uses the charts alone, she is 100% accurate. There are days when she doesn't receive intuitive insights.  However, when she does receive intuitive information, she can sometimes see or hear people from the other side.  If she looks at the wall and sees Djwal Khul, she can hear his voice providing messages.  If she doesn't receive that kind of communication, she just works off of the charts.

      At this time in her life, Starlady is very pleased with her abilities.  That feeling comes from age and experience.  When she was about 35, Starlady was in a very serious car accident and she walked through the Light.  She was in a coma for five days.  Walking through the Light was like trying to stare into the sun.  When she walked through that Light, she met a woman who told her that she was going to be fine.  There was a beautiful, peaceful brook.  At the end of the experience, she told Starlady that it was not her time and that Starlady had to make a choice.  She could stay or go back.  The woman told Starlady that she had not yet done her greatest work.  When Starlady asked about the other people who had been in the car accident, she was immediately "whooshed" back into her body.  When she came back she was paralyzed.  She had to learn to do things all over again, but she thinks that her psychic/intuitive gift became stronger after this experience.  

     One of the unique things which Starlady prepares is a Solar Return Birthday Chart, which is based on both the location of a client's birth and where they are living now.  People can change their destiny for one year or every 6 months by changing the location in which they celebrate their birthday.  They can't change what they created at birth, stop the planets from rotating around their chart, or stop eclipses from bringing things into their lives, but they can change every 6 months or stay with 1 year, for one year, by being in a certain latitude, longitude, and time zone.  SOLAR RETURNS 1 AND SOLAR RETURN 2- It takes a lot of time to prepare a birthday chart and to discover the best place for someone to celebrate their birthday, but it can influence an entire year.  It can bring in wonderful adventures.  Many books have been written about these birthday trips, but Starlady has her own ideas and hopes to write a book which includes several secrets from the ancients which have been shared with her.

     Starlady enjoys being an astrologer because she is able to travel and to meet phenomenal people.  She loves to help people understand their struggles and to provide them with guidance and choices.    Interview & written May 15, 2009 by Gail Kushner