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I could spend a lifetime and not find the right words to say how wonderful MORNING STAR is, and how much she has come to mean in my life. She is one of the most remarkable people I
have had the pleasure of knowing, and often she is the first person I call on those days
when something great happens, or when it's hard to make sense of things.
My first astrological reading with MORNING STAR was a few days before my birthday on
November 22,1994. She told me about many things that she saw in my chart, but the
most memorable and painful thing she told me was that I needed to leave Los Angeles for
my birthday and go on a Solar Return to another location, or I would put a parent in the
death house. I knew I did not have time to travel anywhere and had no idea what a Solar
Return was. I would have to take my chances.
In July of 1995, my father died unexpectedly of a heart attack. When I called MORNING STAR to
tell her what had happened, she said she wanted to make sure I did a Solar Return in
November of 1995 so that we could set up a good chart for the following year. MORNING STAR
asked me what I wanted to bring into my life for a year from my birthday in 1995 to my
birthday in 1996. She told me to think about what I wanted and she would do the rest.
There were a few things I needed to change in my life. I was in a dysfunctional
relationship that I desperately needed to get out of, and I also wanted a career change. In
order to set up a chart that would bring those things in I would have to leave L.A. and
travel to another location.  Starlady told me to think about where I might want to go. I had
an opportunity to travel to the Yucatan Peninsula for Thanksgiving, which was also
around the time of my birthday, and asked Starlady to check it out.
Amazing how we all somehow have a sixth sense. The town of Acumal on the Yucatan
Peninsula would be just perfect for what I wanted to achieve, and through an astrological
update and a Solar Return Starlady let me know what days I had to be in ACUMAL, YUCATAN PENINSULA, MEXICO  and what times I had to burn my candles and say my affirmations. 
(yes there is more to it than just changing a location!).
My first Solar Return was an amazing success. I met a man on that trip (Starlady told me
about this in my reading), and he was the catalyst in me ending my unhealthy relationship.
At the end of 1996, I was laid off from my job as a personal assistant for an actor who had
his own TV series (his show got cancelled), and I decided to move from L.A. back to Key West to begin work on my book.
Since that first trip, I have gone on Solar Return birthday trips every year and have brought in hopes wishes and dreams that I never would have thought possible without the guidance and love of my friend Starlady. She is one of those rare people who has an inner power and can be tough when needed, but also gets everyone to look up and see the light and dream a bigger dream than they thought they could. Astrology is a magical tool, and Starlady is one of the best at reading charts and setting up Solar Return birthday trips.
She is a friend, a wise guide and an inspiration.
-From Liz Patterson-Key West , FL
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