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Astrologer for Starseekers

Void Course Moon Charts....
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 Plus we will go into a Mercury Retrograde also in Scorpio then right back into Libra THEN RIGHT BACK WHERE IT STARTED IN SCORPIO.   ANOTHER intense Month. 

NEXT Wobble--- in CAPRICORN 2-4  degree  prepare for a crazy Weather/ Winter BEFORE NOVEMBER 25TH THE LONGEST WOBBLE IN MY BOOK TO JANUARY 20, 2015  crashing into A MERCURY RETROGRADE.

The first Eclipse will be October 8th at 15 degrees of Aries with Uranus.  Its time to expect the unexpected because the Lunar Eclipse will be re-triggering  Aprils Eclipse in Aries / Libra lasting in to 2015 April.  
 The next one is October 23 in Scorpio/Taurus Eclipses are still playing into 2015.  Don't wait to see what happens ask in an update with me who and where are they are in your natal chart?  And where it  landed or will land in your Solar Return Chart!


Oh my gosh!, mark this day, November 12, do not travel. Mars and Uranus will work at cross-purposes. This is a hot aspect, so choose another day. Mars and Uranus will be at hard angles November 12, a day when love and money won't mix. It is also not a day to make investments that are speculative. Check with your financial advisor. When Mars will be in harsh angle to Uranus, November 12, you may meet with a lot of opposition from a partner. Home-related plans won't go smoothly. Make it clear to contractors that you need to sign off on any overruns. Also, our health may not be robust, leaving us feeling tired, or else our nerves may get the better of us. Just call in sick or take that personal day. A day when a critical person may challenge your reputation or work on a high profile assignment, November 17 and 18, due to Saturn conjunct the Sun. This will be a day when you will need to work very hard.